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Some of our most creative ideas are big and scary and crazy. That is until they’re done. Then, they’re just amazing success stories.

Treemail Success

An upscale private community 40 miles west of Asheville, Balsam Mountain Preserve targets HNWI and UHNWI with second home offerings around $1 million. We developed a brand around the community’s strong belief in preservation, and we brought that brand to life through all traditional touchpoints and some not-so-traditional ones, like a direct mail piece that included a Balsam sapling.

In-the-Box Thinking

Direct mail often gets thrown away or overlooked, so to capture our prospects’ attention we went in-the-box with a hard-to-miss wood-tube mailer.

Winner, Winner

Our tree mailer earned an Addy Award for Best 3D Mailer at the local, regional, and national level. Who wooda thought?

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Insights & Strategy

Insights & Strategy


Insights & Strategy

We used data and analytics to take an NC mountain destination to new heights.

Turning Data into Ta-da

For Jackson County, we use monthly and quarterly data reviews to analyze every aspect of our efforts, report key findings, and make recommendations on how to strengthen going forward. The conclusions we make in one area, like a popular post on social media, help us make decisions in other areas, like using the photo from that popular post on digital banner ads. Ultimately, everything is tweaked to drive goal completions for the destination. We drove 3,645 goal completions in 2017 and 5,396 in 2018, up 48% compared to the previous year.

Referral Ramp-Up

We saw certain websites were consistently top referring sites to Jackson County’s website, so we bought ad placements on those sites as well.

Mobile First

With mobile consistently outperforming desktop in terms of numbers and engagement, we enhanced the mobile site and dramatically increased conversions.

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Branding & Messaging

Branding & Messaging


Branding and Messaging

We built a smart, strategic brand platform that a legacy private club could truly own and operationalize.

Elevating a Luxury Brand

As one of the oldest private club communities in Cashiers, NC, The Chattooga Club was ready for a brand refresh to help drive new interest and memberships. Rawle Murdy developed Everyday Elevated around the idea that “members can invest in themselves, connect with family, and celebrate life every day.” The new position extended beyond marketing and communications to actual events and experiences at the club.

Key Pillars

The new Everyday Elevated brand was rooted in three pillars—Culinary, Wellness, and Family—bringing the campaign to life for club members.

On Theme Website

Using the pillars as a foundation, the new website dramatically elevated the club’s online presence—complete with new photography.

Brand Video

This conceptual brand video brought the idea of Everyday Elevated to life with shots that panned upward or showed upward movement.

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Digital Development

Digital Development


Digital Development

Charleston’s public bus system needed a new website that could better serve its users with real time updates. #WheresTheBus

Made to Move

With a poor mobile experience, CARTA’s old website wasn’t serving its riders well. The new site features a responsive design to accommodate users who are primarily on mobile devices…and often looking for updates on where their bus is. Automation and data storage measures ensure fast processing of transit data updates and in turn, fast page download times.

Real-Time Alerts

Twitter-based rider alerts tool funnels information straight from dispatch to the homepage of the websites so riders are first to know when there’s a delay.

Chat It Up

Previously, riders had to call dispatch when they had questions, now online chat integration allows them to connect online.

Fast Pass

Riders used to have to go in to CARTA’s office to purchase passes. The new site offers online pass purchase with more flexibility in package options as well.

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Content Delivery

Content Delivery


Content Delivery

In the world of termite treatment, an educated customer is a loyal customer, so we set out to share some knowledge.

Smarketing 101

Thanks to several common misconceptions, many homeowners don’t understand why they need termite protection. And many more don’t even give it a second thought until they see termites in their home, which, as we know better than anyone, is too late. We created a Termite Trivia campaign to correct misinformation and educate homeowners on the real risk of termites in the South.

Show-What-You-Know Video

Shared on the website, through social channels, on connected TV, and in email campaigns, this video series asks termite trivia to real people to educate our audience in a humorous, fun way.

Game Show Radio

Taking our concept to the airwaves, we hammered home termite trivia in a game show-inspired spot where the listener can play along.

Digital Pop Quiz

Animated and interactive banner ads allow web users to answer termite trivia questions, while driving leads for Terminix.

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