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‘Twas the year 2020, and all through RM’s halls, Not a creature was stirring, they were all on Zoom calls;
Though the year brought them murder hornets, pandemics, and more, One thing is for certain: it wasn’t a bore.

The coffee was brewing, the Wifi was strong, Their virtual happy hours always ran long.
Each day seemed like the last one and also the next, The lack of routine surely had them perplexed.

They laid claim to new workspaces all through their houses, And many shared offices with their dear (but loud) spouses.
Pets barking, kids yelling; it all caused such a racket! It’s easy to see how one could get distracted.

Still they booted up laptops and showed their best smiles, For they hadn’t seen their coworkers in such a long while.
They realized while working together from so far apart, That they were each brave and caring and smart.

Because every RMer always gives it their all, Whether wearing sweatpants (or no pants) in apartments too small.
So from everyone at Rawle Murdy, from the bottom of our hearts, Here’s hoping 2021 gets a much better start!