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We’re All About that R&R: Research and Results

When we opened our doors more than 40 years ago, our very first client was in the travel and tourism industry. Since then, almost everything about the way people research and book trips has changed completely, but our passion for tourism and hospitality marketing has stayed the same.

Everything Just


Going on a trip? Chances are you research online or read traveler reviews.  Maybe you follow destinations, hotels, and travel mags on Instagram. Or solicit ideas from your friends on Facebook. You might even hunt for deals in travel blogs. And you almost certainly book online. That’s the travel and hospitality decision-making process in the digital era. At Rawle Murdy, we help our clients use this process to their advantage, pulling potential visitors and guests through the funnel from first click to final booking.


We work hard to understand not just what people do by why they do it. More than demographics, we conduct and dig into primary and secondary research to untap motivations behind decisions.


With campaign tracking delivering richer data than ever before, analytics can help ensure a campaign’s success. We use regular reporting check-ins to make improvements in real time and maximize budgets for our clients.


Our creative messaging knows nothing of bandwagons or coattails. We know the importance of saying something no one else is saying in a way that no one else is saying it. At Rawle Murdy, great minds think unlike!

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Show, Don’t Tell

Here are some highlights from the travel & hospitality work we have done.

man pointing at the sky seeing the airplane

Patriots Point

Located on Charleston Harbor, Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum is comprised of three warships and a shore-side Vietnam Experience. Although the museum is a bucket-list destination for veterans and history buffs, it struggles to attract younger, repeat, and local visitors.

man holding a baby up on the camping site in Jackson County, NC

Discover Jackson County

Jackson County had a logo and tagline but also a big challenge: No one thinks of a county as a travel destination. And how could one compete with other well-known mountain getaways in the areas?

Jackson County digital data

Insights & Strategy

We used data and analytics to take an NC mountain destination to new heights.

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