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Transportation for All: Welcoming LCRT to the Community

In celebration of Earth Day, we want to highlight an exciting community project that we’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in. Our PR team has worked tirelessly to help get the community on board with the new Lowcountry Rapid Transit (LCRT) system!

Read on for an overview of this awesome project and how it will help our community and the environment:

What is LCRT?

Lowcountry Rapid Transit is a 21.5 mile-long bus rapid transit system. It will be South Carolina’s first mass transit system and one of the longest bus rapid transit (BRT) systems in the nation.

How is it different?

BRT systems operate primarily in dedicated lanes, over 10 miles for LCRT, and include advanced technology and infrastructure to make it a rapid and reliable system compared to a typical bus service.

What’s the main benefit?

LCRT will provide reliable and rapid service to key destinations and community resources on its route from Ladson through North Charleston and into downtown Charleston.

Hellooo, sustainability!

The entire fleet will be electric and have 644 fewer tons of greenhouse gas emissions, 5.4 fewer tons of air pollutants, and reduce reliance on personal automobiles.