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Six Ways COVID-19 Could Impact Housing Design

Throughout the pandemic, Google searches for “home office” “home gym” and “healthy home” remained high. As a result, some of the country’s top designers are already designing homes to appeal to the post-COVID-19 homeowner. While increased living space is a trend that has been discussed ad nauseum, other design predictions are more unique. With work from home policies on the rise, it’s no surprise that a functional home office is of high importance. Dwayne MacEwen, architecture principal and creative director at DMAC notes that in addition to a functional work space, homeowners will have a desire for the space to look good on camera as well, thanks to Zoom and other video conference platforms. Beyond the functional and aesthetic home office, also expect to see touchless technology as health and wellness moves to top-of-mind, and larger bathrooms with bidets to accomodate aging family members staying at home instead of going to assisted living or a nursing home.