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RM’s Quarantine Hobbies
Now that we have some more time on our hands, we’ve been exploring different ways to keep busy and get creative. Here are some of our top hobbies that just might stick around post-quarantine.

1. Painting

Ever wanted to try your hand at something new? Or maybe you love painting but just never make time for it anymore. Time to dust off those brushes and get back at it! If you want to get inspired, check out our own Allison Lane’s art account on Instagram (@allisonlaneart)! You won’t be disappointed. 

2. Podcasts

This is a great time to get through all of those podcasts on your list. From NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! to Serial and My Favorite Murder, there’s endless content out there just waiting to be consumed. Looking for something to help you get your life together? Our coworker Estelle Mae just launched her very own podcast, Grow and Tell. Give it a listen!

3. Cooking

While a lot of people may be sick of cooking at home by now, some are finding that it’s a delicious creative outlet. Our Food Network-obsessed coworker Olivia Franzese is using this time to try all the recipes she saved for a rainy day—and chronicling it via drool-worthy Insta stories. Now is the perfect time to attempt that complicated(ish) recipe you didn’t think you had the time for. Like these Homemade Pretzel Bagels courtesy of Half-Baked Harvest. Even the mistakes turn out tasty. Yum!