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RM’s Post-Pandemic Travel Wish List

As soon as RMers start feeling comfortable, we’re getting back to jet-setting across the world. We’ve all been dreaming of our next big vacation for over a year now, and the anticipation is killing us!

Check out where each team member said they would travel to next, and start planning your own Post-Pandemic Travel Wish List today.

Bruce Murdy

Managing Director

Antigua – we always go away for our anniversary in Oct; missed it this past year because of Covid.

John Kautz

Senior Vice President, Head of Integration

Hawaii – next spring when the whales are still there with their babies. Galapagos for the history and science – hope I can go before Darwinism gets ME!

Lauren Turgeon

Account Supervisor

Paris + Amsterdam to make up for my canceled 30th birthday plans!

Genna Shelnutt

Creative Director, VP of Creative Talent

Australia – Hoping to go visit the resort my husband lived on for two years of his childhood while it’s still around.

Daria Sass

Senior Web Producer

Montenegro – miniscule Mediterranean gem packed with beauty and adventure!

Michele Crull

Vice President, Director of Marketing and Operations

Italy or Greece … for our honeymoon which we couldn’t take b/c of the pandemic … finally got married in November after postponing 2x – 3rd date is the charm.

Olivia Franzese

Senior Content Strategist & Copywriter

Greece + Amalfi Coast! Before the pandemic hit, I was planning a trip abroad to the Mediterranean. It’s the first stop once Europe starts opening up to visitors again.

Robert Flagler

Account Supervisor

Prague – the greatest city on Earth with the greatest beer in the world (and the beer only costs 75 cents!)

Teresa Raynor

Accounting Manager

I had mapped out a route and itinerary to fly into London then travel by a rental car to Wales then fly out of Scotland.

Lauren Holloway

Account Supervisor

I have a toddler…I don’t even think about things like that anymore. 😂

Len ONeal

Director, Digital Delivery

Anywhere on the Charleston area waters on my boat, with friends… cause that’s why we bought it. 🙂

Jude Shiflett

Art Director

New York – for all the good food I missed out on while cooped up at home.

Alison Best

Senior Art Director

Amalfi Coast for a post-wedding celebration with my fiancé and his Italian family.

Tina Benson

Operations and New Business Assistant

South Africa for a conservation/safari experience.

Rachel Angelos

Account Coordinator

Italy and Greece – my family was planning a homeland tour pre-pandemic. I wanted to show them my favorite spots from when I studied abroad in college!