We get it – retail is a 24/7 business. You need to look at sales at both a macro level and a store level every single day. Competition is fierce, and margins are razor thin. Contending with larger competitors, big box retailers, consolidation in the industry and virtually everyone in the retail business, puts increasing pressure on every decision. It’s a war zone! There is no room for error, and tons of room for innovation. Being a sought-after brand, the brand that your customers trust and seek out, can make the difference between merely surviving and thriving. View one of our case studies below.

  • Piggly Wiggly Case Study
    Piggly Wiggly Case Study
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 “Interpreting and using data is critical to success, but in the retail world, walking the floors, talking to customers,
watching how they shop, is powerfully informative from a marketing perspective.“

– Bruce Murdy, President