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Nine Real Estate Technology Trends That Are Here To Stay

2020 has brought enormous change to the real estate industry, including massive migration of from urban to suburban areas, virtual open houses and the rise of buyers purchasing homes without visiting in-person. As the industry continues to evolve for the new normal, members of the Forbes Real Estate Council predict nine new technology trends that are here to stay. Experts predict one of the biggest trends we’ll see moving forward is the continuation of automated smart technology in mixed-use buildings. This technology is ideal for the post-pandemic real estate world as it makes prospect touring, move-ins and maintenance touchless. As the world becomes more touchless, expect to see the closing process remain digital. Thanks to advancements in e-signatures and remote online notarization, long gone are the days of in-person closings. Read more about what other technology is here for the long haul and make sure your brokerage is prepared for this new normal.