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Meet the Women Leaders of Rawle Murdy

During Women’s History Month, we are reminded of the women in our lives who created and raised us, challenged and inspired us. At Rawle Murdy, we’re also reminded of the incredible women we have working across every department, including three team managers. These three leaders are not only long-time Rawle Murdy veterans (with tenures ranging from 5 to 33 years), they’re also amazing mothers, colleagues, and friends. We reached out to them for some insight on what it’s like to manage teams and raise daughters as a woman in today’s world.

Michele Crull, VP, Director of Marketing & Operations, 32-Year Rawle Murdy Veteran

Q: How has Rawle Murdy helped you grow as a leader?
A: I have been so lucky to have been mentored by two great men while at Rawle Murdy. Both David Rawle and Bruce Murdy instilled confidence in me by giving me responsibilities well beyond what I thought I was capable of. They redirected me when necessary, yet always in a manner that helped me learn and grow. They always let me know that they believed in me and they had the utmost confidence in my abilities (even when I wasn’t so sure). Letting me fail and find my own path did more for my professional growth than you can imagine.

Q: How has being a female leader influenced the way you raise your daughter?
A: My daughter Aspen has a strong personality, and she can be (I’ll be honest here) bossy at times. Much to my surprise, I see her friends listening to her and doing what she says. She has great ideas and can get her friends excited about them, so I don’t even think they realize she’s being bossy. I really try hard NOT to correct her for being bossy. I know it’s a trait that will serve her well later in life. And rarely do parents tell boys to stop being bossy, so why shouldn’t girls be a bit bossy too?

Katie Prechter, Media Director, 11-Year Rawle Murdy Veteran

Q: How has being a female leader influenced the way you raise your daughter? 
A: I hope I can raise my daughters to stand for what they believe in, raise other women up (we’re all in this together!), and speak up for themselves and others.

Q: As a woman with a successful career, what advice would you give younger self?
A: If I could go back I’d tell myself to use my voice more: speak up; join in the discussion; don’t be afraid to bring ideas and suggestions to the table. As a young 20-something starting out at RM, I was intimidated and I wish I’d pushed myself more.

Rawle Murdy salutes these amazing women leaders, and all the women staff members who help make us the great agency that we are. Cheers to you this month and always!