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Insights & Strategy

We used data and analytics to take an NC mountain destination to new heights.

Turning Data into Ta-da

For Jackson County, we use monthly and quarterly data reviews to analyze every aspect of our efforts, report key findings, and make recommendations on how to strengthen going forward. The conclusions we make in one area, like a popular post on social media, help us make decisions in other areas, like using the photo from that popular post on digital banner ads. Ultimately, everything is tweaked to drive goal completions for the destination. We drove 3,645 goal completions in 2017 and 5,396 in 2018, up 48% compared to the previous year.

Referral Ramp-Up

We saw certain websites were consistently top referring sites to Jackson County’s website, so we bought ad placements on those sites as well.

Mobile First

With mobile consistently outperforming desktop in terms of numbers and engagement, we enhanced the mobile site and dramatically increased conversions.

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