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How to Integrate 2019’s Top Wellness Trends into Your Life

Health and wellness is a top priority for many home buyers. Communities that provide the latest amenities, like personal health and wellness opportunities, are ahead of the game. And smart clubs are continuing to push the envelope in terms of their offerings. A big focus for one of our clients that caters to the 60 and older crowd is stretching. This idea, initially resisted by club staff, has become one of the most popular classes available at the fitness center. And people are looking for wellness ideas across all aspects of life. Relaxation and meditation classes help with those who are sleep challenged (50% of Americans have trouble falling or staying asleep, according to Consumer Reports.) Of course we’re seeing spa menu food offerings at more clubs, but how about classes on healthy eating? Or healthy competition among members across activities?

The trends in this article aren’t necessarily new, but the newfound comprehensive focus on wellness and attention to detail are important.