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How do you disconnect from technology when you’re not at work?

“The only way I can truly disconnect is when I get out in nature. I don’t have the same pull to technology when I’m out hiking and completely present in my surroundings.”

Estelle Townshend, Senior Social Media Manager

“I disconnect through yoga and meditation. While practicing, I can let go of everything else and spend some time to reflect and reset intentions.”

Devon Gage, Account Supervisor

“I am ashamed to say that I really don’t totally disconnect. I do try to practice restraint and put my phone in another room or away when I have other things to do or am out being social.”

—Connie Miller, Director of Creative Services

“I don’t disconnect.”

—Len O’Neal, Director of Digital Strategy

We hear you, Len. We hear you. But watch out for that hook in your neck…