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Five Ways Real Estate Developers Can Kill The Commute Problem And Enhance Sustainable Living

Well-balanced urban communities can provide all or some of the following: access to alternative and public transportation, green space, communal space, public art or art exhibit space, mixed-use retail/office/living, housing in a variety of sizes and prices, green living features such as environmentally friendly building materials, access to locally grown food and locally produced goods, etc.

One of the main ways in which a well-balanced urban community is both user-friendly and environmentally friendly is in transportation” Ricky Trinidad states.

Explore and consider these cost-effective ways to provide prospects with transportation solutions:

1. Build with new technologies in mind. For example, this article touches on including passenger drone landing pads on roofs!
2. Create a community where you don’t have to leave by car for everyday essentials (work, live, shop, be entertained, etc.)
3. Encourage people to stay in the communities in which they currently reside by revitalizing them.
4. Incorporate physical activity spaces and social interaction spaces to boost health and quality of life.
5. Build a variety of products at different print points to allow for multi-gen living.