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Developing Trend: New Homes Will Include Personalized Home Offices

We’ve all heard the saying that the, “home is where the heart is.” While that is still true, what 2020 has taught us is that now, more than ever, home is where the office is. Nearly 40% of Americans now work from home. A huge increase from the historical rate of about 5%. While that number may decline as we move beyond the pandemic and companies return to in-office settings, many experts predict there will still be as many as 20% of the country working from home permanently. As a result, there has been a trend in homeowners seeking additional space for the home office. And while extra space is necessary to accomodate working and schooling at home, the makeshift extra bedroom, garage apartment or dining room table set up doesn’t give the same feeling as a true space designed to be a home office. National homebuilder KB Home, recognized this need in the market and announced the new, “KB Home Office” package that includes, includes built-in workstations and cabinetry, an upgraded electrical package, ultra-high-speed USB outlets, charging outlets and additional data connections on the desktop, custom lighting, additional windows, soundproofing, and a beverage center. With working from home being the new normal, expect to see more builders offer similar packages to meet the needs of the typical homebuyer in 2020.