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Communications Meets Community at Rawle Murdy

Giving back to the community where we live and work has been part of Rawle Murdy’s DNA since we first opened our doors. Whether it’s offering guidance as board members at local organizations, lending our creative talents to help nonprofits grow, or volunteering our lunch breaks to serve at a neighborhood soup kitchen, our team members have invested their time, talents, and treasure in hundreds of local organizations and initiatives over the years.

As a company, here are a few community projects we’ve worked to give back to the incredible place we call home.

Lowcountry On the Table

On the Table is a region-wide event that encourages small groups to gather together and discuss the challenges in their communities. This past year was the inaugural Lowcountry On the Table. With issues ranging from flooding to education to traffic, Rawle Murdy recognized the importance of this type of forum for the Charleston area, and we jumped on board to help get the word out. We redesigned the organization’s logo and website before creating a series of newspaper ads and billboards to help drive online sign-ups to participate in the event. And of course, we hosted our own On the Table round-table right in the conference room!

Moving on UP

When we moved our office from Beaufain Street to the new Morrison Drive location, we worked with the city planner at the time to help brand this rapidly growing part of downtown. Nicknames had started circulating and included Digital Corridor, NoMo, and East Central, but none of them captured the full reach of the area nor its bright future. After reaching out to stakeholders ranging from those who’d lived here for generations to young businesses that had just set up shop, we landed on UP as an acronym for Upper Peninsula. The brand felt positive, forward moving, and described the area more inclusively than other names. Helping the community that we’re now a part of was a perfect fit for us.

We’re Going Strong

Anyone who’s lived in Charleston in the last 30 years knows the city was devastated by Hurricane Hugo in September of 1989. An estimated 49 people lost their lives from the Category 4 storm, 56,00 lost their homes, and many remained without water and power for months. In the wake of that disaster, we worked with then-Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr. to create the “Charleston S.C. Going Strong” campaign. The effort emphasized the resilience of the Holy City and encouraged visitors to return, bringing with them much-needed tourism revenue to support local businesses and jobs. In one of our community’s darkest moments, Rawle Murdy was more than ready and willing to help.

As a part of our history and our culture, giving back is something our agency will continue to do as long as we’re here. Bruce Murdy says it best: “At the end of the day, we’ve gotten so much from this community that giving back just a little bit feels natural and right.”