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Charles Frasier: A Face of Devotion

If you’ve ridden a CARTA bus in the last 42 years, chances are that you’ve been picked up by Charles Frasier. As the system’s longest tenured driver, he’s driven enough to circle the globe over 140 times (over 3.5 million miles) and says he’s just getting started.

“I enjoy driving and interacting with riders is one of the best parts,” shares Frasier. “Every day is different and I’m proud to have met thousands of folks during my tenure.”

Frasier’s unwavering commitment to public transit represents a service that continues to withstand the test of time. With a contagious smile, he’s become a fixture in Charleston and continues to build an incredible legacy.

“Charles’ story mirrors many of our drivers who love what they do,” shares CARTA Chairman, Mike Seekings “With traffic as one of Charleston’s hot-button issues, his job is more important than ever before.”

For more information on Charles and other decorated CARTA employees including Harry Burnell, visit www.postandcourier.com.