October 14, 2015

Real Estate T.a.b. October 2015

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REAL ESTATE T.A.B OCTOBER 2015 Real Estate Broker Advice: How to Avoid PR Blunders RM POV: PR is critical to the success of any successful real estate company’s marketing strategy. It broadens awareness [...]

August 10, 2015

Real Estate T.a.b. August 2015

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Drones to invade Real Estate Industry RM POV: Is buying a drone for your real estate marketing strategy worth the investment? Check out this article to see how drones are helping real estate agents sell more homes. Source: Realty Today Content Marketing [...]

June 10, 2015

Real Estate T.a.b. June 2015

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[three_columns] [column1] Despite Economic Setbacks, Millennials Still Aspire to American Dream RM POV: Millennials are not just renters, over 70% expect to become home owners by 2020. Source: Urban Land Institute [/column1] [column2] 5 Marketing Strategies That Generate Real Estate Sales RM POV: It’s good [...]

April 2, 2015

Real Estate T.a.b. April 2015

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REAL ESTATE T.A.B APRIL 2015 Golf: No Longer a Hole in One RM POV: A few thoughts on how to create momentum for a historically golf-driven community. Source: Urban Land Institute [...]

February 24, 2015

Real Estate T.a.b. Feb. 2015

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[three_columns] [column1] Outlook for Master-Planned Communities RM POV: Members of ULI's Master Planned Communities Council discuss factors that homebuyers look for in communities. Source: Urban Land Institute [/column1] [column2] What Baby Boomers Worry About RM POV: The retirement focus 'areas of opportunity' with many boomers [...]

October 1, 2014

Real Estate T.a.b. October 2014

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[three_columns] [column1] Why Content Creation Is Everyone's Job RM POV: The market expects it, it's how you build trust, and how you convert engagement to business. Source: John Jantsch [/column1] [column2] Why Marketing Leaders Should Embrace Story Listening Before Storytelling. RM POV: Understand the stories [...]

September 23, 2014

Real Estate T.a.b. Sept. 2014

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[three_columns] [column1] Relationship Management: 7 Ways to Keep In Touch With Past Clients RM POV: Past clients are the best source of business. How do you keep that relationship alive? Source: RealtorMag [/column1] [column2] The Porch is Making a Comeback RM POV: The Porch has [...]

July 31, 2014

Real Estate T.a.b. July 2014

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[three_columns] [column1] The Content Marketing Revolution RM POV: We are in the midst of a historic transformation for brands and companies everywhere. Source: Harvard Business Review [/column1] [column2] Where Millionaires Live in America RM POV: Check out the list of cities with the highest concentration [...]

June 23, 2014

Real Estate T.a.b June 2014

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[three_columns] [column1] Quitting Wall Street to Sell Real Estate RM POV: From hedge funds to luxury homes: financial background gives this wave of brokers the upper hand. Source: Wall Street Journal [/column1] [column2] The Jazz in Big Ideas RM POV: How to find big ideas [...]

May 2, 2014

Real Estate T.a.b. May 2014

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[three_columns] [column1] Resorts Incorporating Newer Concepts RM POV: Promontory, Replay Resorts and Bellstar executives share concepts for changing interests. Source: Urban Land Magazine [/column1] [column2] Two Video Content Reports Every Marketer Should Have RM POV: Boost Your Content Marketing with Video: Forrester and Aberdeen Group [...]