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Content Delivery

Content Delivery


Content Delivery

In the world of termite treatment, an educated customer is a loyal customer, so we set out to share some knowledge.

Smarketing 101

Thanks to several common misconceptions, many homeowners don’t understand why they need termite protection. And many more don’t even give it a second thought until they see termites in their home, which, as we know better than anyone, is too late. We created a Termite Trivia campaign to correct misinformation and educate homeowners on the real risk of termites in the South.

Show-What-You-Know Video

Shared on the website, through social channels, on connected TV, and in email campaigns, this video series asks termite trivia to real people to educate our audience in a humorous, fun way.

Game Show Radio

Taking our concept to the airwaves, we hammered home termite trivia in a game show-inspired spot where the listener can play along.

Digital Pop Quiz

Animated and interactive banner ads allow web users to answer termite trivia questions, while driving leads for Terminix.

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