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Can You Guess that Workspace?

Check out this collage of unique RM workspaces to see if you can guess whose is whose! Just hover over or click on each photo to reveal the answer.

Functional Feng Shui

Lauren Creel Waters,
Digital Marketing Manager

Design Corner

Alison Best,
Senior Art Director

The Boardroom

Michele Crull,
Vice President, Director of Marketing & Operations

The Tried, True & Blue

Bruce Murdy,
Managing Director

Cozy Vibes Only

Estelle Lampela,
Senior Social Media Strategist/Manager

The Unbreakable Fortress of Monitors

Teresa Raynor,
Accounting Manager

Minimalist’s Paradise

Olivia Franzese,
Content Strategist & Copywriter

The Art Gallery

Genna Shelnutt,
Creative Director

King’s Landing

Jack Gilchrist,
Marketing Campaign Coordinator

Sky Zone

Connie Miller,
Director of Creative Services

The Cat’s Meow

John Kautz,
Senior Vice President, Director of Brand Leadership

Organized Chaos

Laurie Devore,
Media Strategy Manager