Virtual Reality is Here


Gone are the days of grainy slideshow virtual home tours, and what’s coming next may change home buying for good. Fully immersive, 360 degree virtual reality home walkthroughs are already popping up for high-end listings and will soon be available to the average homebuyer. With the development of low cost virtual reality headsets like Google Cardboard, the ability to virtually walk through 50 homes in an afternoon from the comfort of your local realtor’s office is just around the corner. We’ve experienced VR headsets in our office, and the effect is incredible. This is definitely a new tool in the arsenal.

The Reserve at Lake Keowee Loves Football


Wanting to show support for Clemson and having head Coach Swinney as a member of The Reserve at Lake Keowee, we came up with the idea to turn their Great Lawn into a mini Clemson football field to create a truly “buzz-worthy” visual story. The story was picked up by SportsCenter, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Golf Channel, Golf Digest,, CBSSports. com, and more, which garnered 27 million+ impressions. In addition, it is also driving bottom line results with increases in the Reserve’s website visits, newsletter subscriptions, leads and discovery tour sign-ups.


Celebrating 80


South Carolina Federal Credit Union, one of the region’s largest and oldest credit unions is celebrating their 80th anniversary. Turning this milestone event on its head, Rawle Murdy created a campaign to highlight what the bank has learned through its 80 years. These 80 ‘wit and wisdoms’ are both business focused and add human, sometimes humorous touch; strengthening the bond between the Credit Union, the community, and the people they serve.


RM Website, v5


As you’ve (hopefully) noticed by now, The Rawle Murdy website has a new look. And with this new look comes a better mobile viewing experience for visitors, details on a new focus area for us, and a closer look at some of our best work.

Are Your Marketing and Sales Functions Working Together?

Over the years, we’ve seen the challenges of marketing and sales not working as ‘hand-in-glove’ as they should. In retail, that means making sure when you’re promoting a product, the shelves are filled with product when people come in. If you’re a hotel or resort, it means running promotions when you have a need, not when the rooms are already booked. If you’re in a professional service, you know you need to develop specific proposals to win business, and if you’re not writing enough proposals, you’ll not get the results you need.

With larger organizations, there seems to be this constant tug-of-war—more conflict and less trust between marketing people and sales staff. Some believe that marketing is analytical, strategic and long term, while sales is personal, tactical and short term. But this should rarely be the case. Why set up an adversarial relationship? Getting marketing and sales aligned to clearly understand goals will make both short-term sales and long-term success possible.

Marketing is the leads’ driver. Working backwards to understand how many ‘top of funnel’ leads you need to make sales goals is critical for everyone to know and agree on. Streamlining your process with better coordination and collaboration will result in a more positive work environment and more highly productive sales results.

So let’s get marketing and sales working like a well-oiled machine. Here are a few thoughts to bring your teams closer together:

  • Know your customers — Who they are, and their buying process. And be as specific as possible. Getting a unified focus on your ‘best customers’ is a tremendous first step.
  • Set specific goals — How many, how much, when, from where, etc. This helps everyone work in the same direction.
  • Coordinate marketing and sales cycles — Confirm your need periods. Identify when sales typically rise and fall. Communicate when new products/services are going to roll out. Make sure your marketing is attuned to these periods.
  • Ensure sales readiness — Is the sales force ready? Is inventory in order? Is marketing support (website, advertising, public relations, collateral materials, etc.) ready? Are key messages synchronized between marketing and sales? Make sure you’re ready to sell.
  • Establish regular meetings — Marketing and sales teams should meet regularly, not just during planning, but also during implementation. Are marketing messages resonating? How are prospects responding? Is the sales team adapting their message with what’s resonating among prospects? And what about the marketing team?

These are just a few thoughts for you to consider from someone who has been in the sales/marketing world for decades. Make the relationships, goal-setting and handoff between marketing and sales as seamless as possible, and there’s no question you’ll experience greater sales success.

We’re Proud of our Staff!!!


Len O'Neal

We’re excited to welcome Len O’Neal as our Director of Digital Strategy. Len brings nearly two decades of experience defining, implementing, enhancing and managing digital media solutions. Prior to making the move to the Lowcountry, Len was with Liquid Interactive in Allentown, PA. Yeah, where they’re tearing all the factories down.

Tess and Olivia

We’re always happy to see a new class of interns and welcome two this semester: Tess Viergever and Olivia Franzese, both Communications majors at the College of Charleston. When not in Charleston, you can find Tess sailing Lake Michigan. If you happen to be backpacking through Europe this summer, you are sure to see Olivia. We’re so happy to have them on our team.

New Clients!


We’re excited that Rawle Murdy has been chosen as marketing partner for the following clients: South Carolina Federal Credit Union, celebrating their 80th anniversary this year; O2 Fitness, who recently changed the name for their 12 South Carolina locations; and the Town of Hilton Head Island to implement a public communications program.

O2 Fitness
South Carolina Federal Credit Union
Hilton Head Island