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Behind the Scenes with RM’s Long-Time Collabs

Over the years, we’ve strengthened relationships with several reliable and experienced vendors, from radio producers to on-screen actors and everything in between. In honor of this month’s theme, we wanted to say THANK YOU to some of our amazing partners who have worked with us tirelessly, both through the quarantine and for years before it, to make each project even more special than we imagined.

Thomas Brothers: Video Production

These local videographer brothers are a creative force to be reckoned with. Whenever we have an elaborate video concept in mind, we give them a ring. They’re always just as stoked as we are.

John Brennan: Improv Acting

This Savannah-based improv actor has worked with us on everything from man-on-the-street Termite Trivia to voice acting and more. His ability to riff on almost anything makes him the perfect candidate to bring high energy to any project.

Bridget Buddenberg: Email Coding

Bridget has been custom coding emails for several of our clients for years. Based in Virginia, she has always been a big proponent of collaborating from afar. If we want an interactive email functionality or custom design, she’s got our back.

John Brown: Radio Production

The producer of our dreams, John Brown brings our radio spots to life through music pairings, sound effects, sound quality, and more, all from his own studio. We never cease to be amazed at his ability to tell stories in the “theater of the mind.”

Bobby Altman: Photography

Bobby Altman, a talented photographer based in Myrtle Beach, has worked with us on photo shoots for clients like Primland, Brays Island, and Balsam Mountain Preserve. Specializing in outdoor lifestyle and food, his photos perfectly capture what sets these destinations apart.