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April 17, 2019

Meet the Women Leaders of Rawle Murdy- copy


Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy: Celebrating 1 Year of 5 Good Things Whether it’s the return of warm weather, longer days, or Marie Kondo-style spring cleaning, April gives us plenty of reasons to feel joy. At Rawle Murdy, we’re feeling joyful over the [...]

March 21, 2019

Meet the Women Leaders of Rawle Murdy


Meet the Women Leaders of Rawle Murdy During Women’s History Month, we are reminded of the women in our lives who created and raised us, challenged and inspired us. At Rawle Murdy, we’re also reminded of the incredible women we [...]

Rawle Murdy Office Playlist for March


Need some fresh tunes to power you through the work week? Find inspiration and energy in our jam-packed playlist. (See what we did there?) Listen In Spotify

February 19, 2019

3 Tips to Consider Before Going Cryptic


What Do Drake, IHOb, and FYRE Have in Common? You know those ads that just make you stop and say, “Huh?” Sometimes, it’s an ad that just missed the mark. But sometimes, it’s right on strategy. And it’s called cryptic [...]

Top-Selling Master-Planned Communities of 2018


Top-selling master-planned communities of 2018 RCLCO is one of the most respected advisory organizations in the real estate world. For 25 years, they've published a report on the top-selling master planned communities. Not surprisingly, many of these top communities are [...]

Kids Rule Marketing


Kids Rule Marketing For the past several years, we've been working with some communities conceived and built in the 1990s. A generation later, they realized they're missing the boat when it comes to amenities, and many of them are making sweeping [...]

Lead Generation through Networking


Lead Generation through Networking While we’re not networking experts, we do know how to network in ways that truly pay off. Networking is a basic tenet of sales, but we need to remember to approach it with specific goals [...]

How to Integrate 2019’s Top Wellness Trends into Your Life


How to Integrate 2019’s Top Wellness Trends into Your Life Health and wellness is a top priority for many home buyers. Communities that provide the latest amenities, like personal health and wellness opportunities, are ahead of the game. And [...]

Use Your Sales Center to Set Your Brand Apart


Use your sales center to set your brand apart Years ago, I was part of a team that put together a sales center for a large development. We recognized we were selling a lifestyle, not just a house. As [...]

January 16, 2019

Data & Analytics: A Goal’s Best Friend


Data & Analytics: A Goal’s Best Friend It’s the time of year when goals are top of mind—whether they’re part of our New Year’s resolutions or in the biggest football game of the year. At Rawle Murdy, we know that [...]