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5 Design Tips to Help You Create a Work(space) of Art

As one season ends and another begins, you may be feeling like it’s the perfect time to refresh your space. We’re all experts at the WFH game by now, but your workspace can quickly become stale and cluttered if you don’t shake things up now and then. Our homes and workspaces should be sacred places that make us feel energized and motivated. Luckily, even a small change can lead to a huge impact. So, how can you bring fresh energy into your workspace this season (even on a budget)? We looked to the basic principles of design for help. Follow these five simple design tips to help you fall in love with your workspace all over again.

Tip #1: Emphasis is key.

In the design world, you should always know what you’re trying to emphasize in your design before you get started. Where is the first place you want someone’s eye to be drawn to? If everything in your space is given the same emphasis, it can result in a boring or even cluttered effect. Choose one point of interest, like a funky geometric lamp, visually interesting piece of art, or large plant, to use as an anchor and help breathe new life into your space. And of course, make sure it’s something you LOVE to look at!

Tip #2: Don’t underestimate the power of white space.

White space, also known as negative space, refers to the empty space surrounding the elements of your design. Often, people make the mistake of overcrowding their space with knick-knacks and other baubles out of fear that their space will look empty—but this can actually make your workspace feel cramped and cluttered, rather than light and open. Try leaning into the white space instead, starting fresh and adding one element at a time to see how the space feels with each addition. You might be surprised at how few elements you need to create a workspace you get excited about.

Tip #3: Keep your balance.

As with most things in life, balance is crucial to success. To create a feeling of equilibrium in your workspace, you have to consider the visual weight of all the elements in your space. Weight can come from color, size, or texture, so just make sure you don’t crowd all of your heavy elements into one area. If you opt for symmetrical balance, be sure to incorporate equally weighted elements on both sides of your space. If you choose asymmetrical balance, you can spark renewed visual interest and still maintain equilibrium by balancing a larger element on one side with several smaller elements on the other. Find what speaks to you!

Tip #4: Use repetition to strengthen and unify your space.

Repetition isn’t always a bad thing. In design, it can be an effective tool to help unify your creation, pulling the eye across the space instead of getting stuck in one area. One way you can establish repetition is by incorporating pops of the same color in several different areas throughout your workspace. For example, select an orange candle that picks up the splash of orange in your planner, painting, or rug. This will also make your space feel more intentional rather than scattered, which can help ground you when it comes time to buckle down and clear your inbox. Trust us, we know the feeling.

Tip #5: Be fearless.

This last tip is actually one of our core values at Rawle Murdy, but we think it still applies. Don’t be afraid to try something new, whether in your workspace or your life. Be bold, start from scratch, throw your doubts out the window, and create something that’s uniquely you. You can never go wrong when you follow your instincts.

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