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Blog post is written by one of our PR/Social Media interns, Ellie Klimecki. I remember thinking that my parents’ friends were crazy for telling me not to grow up too fast. They told me to cherish the years filled with…

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Tech Vs Talk

Businesses rely on technology; this is of course not particularly shocking. Technology allows us to reach anyone, anywhere, 24/7. It allows us to converse efficiently, often effectively, and move forward rapidly. Where would we be without Skype, text and email?…

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Cutting the Cord

Post written by Kate Daughtry, Creative, Senior Art Director/UX Designer Cable cord, that is. After years of feeling like I’m overpaying for thousands of channels that I don’t even watch, I’m saying goodbye to my cable plan (and bill). I’ve been…

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Yes Way Rosé

It’s hot! I don’t have to tell you that; you see it on the news, on Facebook posts and Snapchat stories. Staying hydrated is important when temperatures soar. In addition to a healthy amount of water, my go-to summer drink…

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Agency Life: New challenges, new fun

Since coming on board with Rawle Murdy about two months ago, the agency setting has met and exceeded my expectations. My background is in journalism and corporate communications, which is a great place to be coming from in my role…

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