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Turn your iPad into a Laptop

Are you one of those people who would love a full size keyboard that works with your iPad?  Well you’re in luck because Cruxcase has debuted a new keyboard case that turns your iPad into a laptop.  

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TV Ads Utilize Shazam App

“I can’t wait for the commercial break!”  Said no one, ever. Until recently, television engagement has been limited, allowing the data collection of a commercial’s reach to be very hard to track compared to other media such as digital or print. 

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Apple Does it AGAIN…

As everyone knows, Apple is a brilliant brand. With the upcoming launch of the iPhone 5 on September 12, it is clear that they have another hit on their hands.  It is no small feat to create a brand that is based on a simple…

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Ten Years of Internet

I graduated from high school 10 years ago. In 2002 the internet was a much different place. We had dial up modems, Netscape, and we walked 10 miles to school, uphill both ways!

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But it doesn’t work on my iPhone!

Not too long ago, you didn’t have to worry about how your website worked on a cell phone. As long as it was flawless on the desktop, you were golden. Who, on Earth, would ever want to do much more than get the occasional email…

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Cutting the Cord: The Rebirth of Rabbit Ears

When I left home, I packed a set of rabbit ears I found in storage at my mom’s house.  Six years and three apartments later, I’ve never had cable. Not even for a day.  No CNN.  No Fox News.  No Weather Channel.  But lots and…

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