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It’s A Hard Coding Life

I’m kind of a geek. I’ll just put that out there. I play video games. I enjoy comics. I appreciate Mulder’s inability to doubt, I enjoy watching a time travelling, two-hearted alien who just happens to have a northern English accent (“Lots of planets have a north!”)  soar across…

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NoMo Bars in Charleston?

                  While the City of Charleston and its hospitality industry are doing battle over proposed ordinances limiting new bar openings in the King/Market/East Bay entertainment district, I kicked back with a cold one and came up with…

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4 Quick Tips for Summer Internships in the Holy City

For your average undergrad, summers in Charleston are filled with a lot of, well, “activities.” This is a great city, with a million and one ways to get sidetracked from focusing on an internship, and gaining the valuable experience to take it to the next…

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Making the Most of DIG SOUTH!

Great year-round weather. Top City in the U.S. (three-peat as  No. 1 in Conde Naste’s Reader’s Choice Awards). Beautiful beaches. Rich history. Amazing food and top chefs. Just a few things people rattle off when asked what’s great about Charleston, S.C. Well, the Holy City…

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This Weekend in Charleston

Although it may only be Wednesday, it is never really too early to start planning out this weekend’s festivities. As Fall begins to permeate through the Charleston air, we have less and less days that we can “fall” back on just going to the beach…again.

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This Weekend in Charleston: Second Sunday

Sunday happens to be my favorite day of the week. For many, it is a day to relax and enjoy time with the family. Now that my friends have become my surrogate Charleston family, we try to make the most of the end of the…

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