Are you ready for the Blackout?

Ready or not, it’s coming…Black Friday 2014!! I’ve been hearing about Black Friday “deals” since early October and with a little more than a week to go the stories and leaked deals are getting wilder. For example, have you heard about the…

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Inspiring Yourself to Inspire Others

      If you’re in our business, you know well the elation and agony of new business pursuits. It’s a compressed timeline and an artificial process—one where you pour your heart, soul and mind into coming up with killer…

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It’s A Hard Coding Life

I’m kind of a geek. I’ll just put that out there. I play video games. I enjoy comics. I appreciate Mulder’s inability to doubt, I enjoy watching a time travelling, two-hearted alien who just happens to have a northern English accent (“Lots of planets…

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Turn Up the Radio!

  We’re in the idea business—a business that requires endless creativity sparked by healthy doses of inspiration. While everyone discovers inspiration in unique ways, one thing we often turn to around here is music. Music can take you back in…

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Be a Great Client

                      We’ve won your business. Awesome. Everyone’s happy and eager to get started. Yeah! But first, let’s pump the brakes. Why? The success of this business relationship depends on the…

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NoMo Bars in Charleston?

                  While the City of Charleston and its hospitality industry are doing battle over proposed ordinances limiting new bar openings in the King/Market/East Bay entertainment district, I kicked back with a cold…

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