Would you like some coffee with your work?

Anyone that enjoys coffee as their start-of-work-day ritual understands that that first cup of joe is neither an indulgence nor an addiction, but a necessity. Getting that first boost of caffeine is beyond crucial for many paper pushers – coffee has become a workplace staple as well…

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NoMo Bars in Charleston?

                  While the City of Charleston and its hospitality industry are doing battle over proposed ordinances limiting new bar openings in the King/Market/East Bay entertainment district, I kicked back with a cold one and came up with…

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Media relations: what goes around, comes around

            During my career as a journalist, media relations and PR pros I worked with often broke down into a few basic groups: those who were needlessly combative, the professionally-polite-but-not-very-forthcoming, and the pleasant hard workers who helped out where they…

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Rawle Murdy’s On the Move!

For nearly three decades of our 40-year history, we’ve called the corner of King and Beaufain Streets home. When we opened the doors, our office was strategically positioned within the heart of downtown Charleston’s revitalization in the late 80′s—a revival we supported through numerous clients…

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Your Note-taking Needs an Overhaul

I recently learned a new and exciting (to me) skill… bookbinding! While the act of compiling and binding a notebook might not sound very exciting, perhaps even cringe-worthy to some folks, I found it to be quite awesome, super-convenient, and maybe even a little oddly…

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The Jazz in Big Ideas

How to find big ideas working collaboratively and looking at the problem from different perspectives. What inspires you? When you get up in the morning what excites you? Are you checking off a list of stuff to get done? Not that list making is a…

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What is Creativity?

          When I was first starting out as an Art Director and going on interviews, I was greeted by an intimidating president of a small company who asked me bluntly, “Define Creativity”? I think most people who know me couldn’t imagine…

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4 Quick Tips for Summer Internships in the Holy City

For your average undergrad, summers in Charleston are filled with a lot of, well, “activities.” This is a great city, with a million and one ways to get sidetracked from focusing on an internship, and gaining the valuable experience to take it to the next…

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