Tyler Stokes, Junior Art Director

Meet Junior Art Director, Tyler Stokes in this week’s #StafferSpotlight!  What’s something most people don’t know about you? “I collect antique books and my dog is cooler than yours.” What’s your favorite part of the job? “It never gets old….

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Blog post is written by one of our PR/Social Media interns, Ellie Klimecki. I remember thinking that my parents’ friends were crazy for telling me not to grow up too fast. They told me to cherish the years filled with…

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8 Crazy Mobile Trends

  Mobile phone use is skyrocketing and it is changing the way the world works around us.  From marketing to product design, the boom in mobile use is changing the way companies operate.  As mobile traffic and consumer influence continue to…

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CARTA was there for me when I needed it

My wife’s car is (back) in the shop. Thanks, Volkswagen. Anyway, not wanting to disturb my sweetums and our five-year-old son, I’ve decided to take CARTA to work until everything is squared away with our vehicle. Now, you might ask,…

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Van Duyne & Hale, weekdays this summer

Rawle Murdy is pleased to announce the hire of buddy-cop duo Van Duyne and Hale. Chris Van Duyne is a by-the-book Brand Leadership Account Director who uses deep industry knowledge and connections to get results for clients. Sebastian Hale is…

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Tech Vs Talk

Businesses rely on technology; this is of course not particularly shocking. Technology allows us to reach anyone, anywhere, 24/7. It allows us to converse efficiently, often effectively, and move forward rapidly. Where would we be without Skype, text and email?…

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