Media and Millennials: Gotta Find ‘Em All

As a millennial, and more specifically a 24 year old male, I fit within a notoriously hard to access demographic in terms of how advertisers reach and tap into Generation Y. With near limitless forms of communication, an ever up to date knowledge of technology…

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Making the Most of DIG SOUTH!

Great year-round weather. Top City in the U.S. (three-peat as  No. 1 in Conde Naste’s Reader’s Choice Awards). Beautiful beaches. Rich history. Amazing food and top chefs. Just a few things people rattle off when asked what’s great about Charleston, S.C. Well, the Holy City…

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Agency Life: New challenges, new fun

Since coming on board with Rawle Murdy about two months ago, the agency setting has met and exceeded my expectations. My background is in journalism and corporate communications, which is a great place to be coming from in my role as a PR and social…

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Just Sayin’ Thanks!

It’s simple to do. It costs no money. It’s a no-brainer, right? Our friends at software developer SPARC even developed an app for it called SPARCET. Who knew just saying thank you “out loud”, early and often, could lead to above-average performance, lower turnover and…

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Give that man a spatula and some Lawry’s!

What do you do when the inventor of the infrared grill wants to cook you a hamburger? You step aside and hand the man the spatula. Last Monday, I had just that opportunity, and it was pretty cool! I must admit, when we started working…

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