May 23, 2016

Charles Frasier: A Face of Devotion

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CHARLES FRASIER: A FACE OF DEVOTION BY: SEBASTIAN HALE | 05.23.16 If you’ve ridden a CARTA bus in the last 42 years, chances are that you’ve been picked up by Charles Frasier. As the system’s longest tenured driver, he’s [...]

Music in Advertising

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MUSIC IN ADVERTISING BY: MEGGIE HULSEY | 05.17.16 We all know the old saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” when it comes to breaking into any industry. Well, that isn’t necessarily true in today’s music [...]

December 16, 2015

The Jazz in Big Ideas

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THE JAZZ IN BIG IDEAS BY: BRUCE MURDY | 12.16.15 How to find big ideas working collaboratively and looking at the problem from different perspectives. What inspires you? When you get up in the morning what excites you? Are [...]

What is Creativity?

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WHAT IS CREATIVITY? BY: KATE DAUGHTRY | 12.06.15 When I was first starting out as an Art Director and going on interviews, I was greeted by an intimidating president of a small company who asked me bluntly, “Define Creativity”? [...]

November 16, 2015

Tyler Stokes, Junior Art Director

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Meet Junior Art Director, Tyler Stokes in this week's #StafferSpotlight!  What's something most people don't know about you? "I collect antique books and my dog is cooler than yours." What's your favorite part of the job? "It never gets old. Graphic arts is an ever [...]

It’s A Hard Coding Life

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IT'S A HARD CODING LIFE BY: RAWLE MURDY | 11.01.15 I'm kind of a geek. I'll just put that out there. I play video games. I enjoy comics. I appreciate Mulder's inability to doubt, I enjoy watching a [...]

October 21, 2015

Turn Up the Radio!

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TURN UP THE RADIO! BY: JEFF WEBSTER | 10.21.15 We’re in the idea business—a business that requires endless creativity sparked by healthy doses of inspiration. While everyone discovers inspiration in unique ways, one thing we often turn to around [...]

Three Reasons Why Hand-written Letters Matter


In an age of hashtags, viral videos and re-tweets, there’s no doubt that sharing content is easier than ever. We cling to group texts, news feeds and trending topics that seem to change on an hourly basis. With this in mind, I ask my fellow [...]

Stop, collaborate and listen

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STOP, COLLABORATE AND LISTEN BY: DANIEL BROCK | 10.01.15 In the age of ubiquitous social media, people are all about sharing. News links, random thoughts, congratulations, and cat pictures. So, so many cat pictures. Recent numbers show that [...]

September 28, 2015

Trends in Real Estate 2015 and Beyond

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TRENDS IN REAL ESTATE 2015 AND BEYOND BY: BRUCE MURDY | 09.28.15 Our friends at ideal-Living invited Rawle Murdy President, Bruce Murdy, to share his thoughts on real estate trends in 2015 and beyond. Trends in Real Estate 2015 [...]